"I might wear black for four years straight."


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Today’s gratitude:

• Watching a movie on my couch, wrapped in a quilt, leaning against pillows I’d chosen myself. Because of the weather, I felt like it was the start of autumn, not summer.

• Listening to a live Tori Amos concert at Bonnaroo, archived and streamed by NPR. Rediscovering my love for her music, after a break of several years.

• The smell of my husband’s hair. Our carefree trip to the corner store. Seeing the dioramas he’d made for his D&D game.

• Taking care of my tomato plant. Repotting it, cutting away the yellowed leaves.

• Feeling like I am reconnecting with the goddess energy that is my spiritual home.

Tomorrow: I want to make myself vegetables.


Written by phineas

July 3, 2010 at 3:22 am

Posted in gratitude

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