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drama and color.

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Afternoon writing session with Rinn and another friend at Starbucks. 1500 words on Witch Light. Ate a good dark chocolate and caramel bar, and iced green tea.

A dramatic thunderstorm exploded on my way to the grocery store to buy yellow pom pom flowers. Scrawls of crazy lightning in the sky. I sat in the dark car to wait out the immense downpour and worked out the whole plot synopsis for my next project. I could feel the static electricity crawling all over. Later, the sky was half a sherbet orange and half a resonant dark blue.

Now watching a documentary about Maria Callas called Living And Dying for Art and Love.

P.S. Tentatively, the oil spill is capped.


Written by phineas

July 17, 2010 at 2:58 am